Stefan’s updates

Rising Phoenix is great value but you have to like rastafari culture (they are constantly hanging around there).
Fort Ussher: worth seeing, but in a bad state of repair – ask the guard which parts to enter, some are close to structural collapse.
Beaches: forget about it, also at Labadi Beach Hotel. The water is full of rubbish, better go some dozen kilometres westward or eastward.

At Haizel’s guesthouse, the water pressure was not sufficient to make the showers in the second floor work.

Hans’ Botel deserves positive feedback for the beautiful view of the pond and the many weavers, and the rooms are also ok. They could improve on their breakfast however. If not on a weekend, it is all but overcrowded.
At the nearby ostrich farm, construction is going on which will result in a new lodge. At least the place is quite beautiful, not too close to the street and on a hill with a view of the forest.

Baboo’s is good but Queen’s Gate can also be recommended. The “King of kings” (near Tasco’s) is dark, loud, and offers a view of a backyard only.
Sanbra hotel is good, but try to get a room with natural light.
The Vodafone internet cafe near the post office is excellent.

The Besease shrine is a nice place to rest among the tortoises, but the priest speaks just enough English to tell you that he wants money; a visit is not really rewarding.
Abono at Lake Bosumtwi can be very peaceful in the morning, with most tourists arriving only at ten or later. Still, you cannot avoid the BAKDA rope and the caretaker, and many begging children aged around 8-12.

The connections offered by OA travel are as good (and as cheap) as those by STC.
Heritage hotel (near Las) was a bit shabby and suffered from permanent power failure. There are some more hotels at that corner that deserve to be scouted for the next edition.

Mognori can definitely be recommended as a less decadent alternative to Mole Motel. It is a pity that most inhabitants do not speak English, but all a very friendly, and the local guides are up to their task. In our case, the transfer to the park was a bit improvised and hazardous, with three people on a motorcycle, so you better say in advance whether you want to accept this.

The Kalapka reserve offers a beautiful landscape of woodland, forest, and hills. The ranger was very eager to give up an interesting walk. There will be a guesthouse at the rangers’ camp near Abutia Kloe in the near future offering a very basic accomodation (it has not yet been sorted out whether and how they will get electricity for the guests).

Every place seemed to be void of tourists (we were there on a weekday), the guesthouses as well as the beaches, and the water is very clean and ideal for swimming.
Abutia guesthouse is quite large and has 4 types of rooms (not: 4 rooms).
Maranatha is very scenic, as is the boat taxi transfer to there and from Abunyiani to Ada.


One thought on “Stefan’s updates

  1. Gerda says:

    Hallo Stefan, sehr interessant deine Kommentare – und danke schön. Ich suche nach Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten am Lake Bosumtwi für 8 Personen; kannst du mir das was empfehlen? Das wäre sehr nett von dir. Meine e-mail ist: Viele Grüsse Gerda

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