Mugging report near Coconut Grove, Accra

We were myself, female 37 years old and my mother, 62. Unfortunatly on the first day, a sunday, we were walking around in the area E2 map page 123, parallel street to the one of Coconut grove; the streets were empty but with posh houses with guards behind the doors… Two guys arrived on a motorbike, one remaining on the motorbike was busy with me and the second with my mother. I immediatly handed him over my pocket money; the second jumped from the bike, went after my mother with a sharp coconut knife and tried to get her moneybelt with all of her money, passport and so, gave her a fews knocks with the knife (she was bleeding a little bit) and took her glasses attached to something he might have thought was gold! We both screamed very loud, accosted a car passing by and ran around and finally a door with a guard opened so that they both went with just the small amount of money but it could have been much worse (we then left the money at the hotel receptions as much as possible, left a reserve in the travelbag, took someone to walk with us in Dixcove-Busua, did not walk too much at night and avoided empty streets!




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