Fabienne’s updates


I am coming back from a recent 2 weeks stay in Ghana, with your precious guidebook as a helper (5th edition)!

Here are some comments, additions, suggestions and so on, that might be helpful to others I hope:

– page 65: banks would NEVER change money, only the forex bureau of the towns
– page 70: we never saw an accident and all of the tro-tros we took where far more prudent than in many countries where we have traveled!
– page 163: the Standard chartered on Chapel square has closed
– page 166: Baobab house, apart from all its wonderful concept has now, in the house, rooms to rent. 15 cedis for two, nice (but the facilities are shared in the courtyard and they will not provide you with towels); a very good value and location.
– page 166: Chic Hebbs village seems nice but it as very few things from the list to serve and the woman-owner is too welcoming but in fact she is not sincere and just wants to make money; she does not behave nicely with her staff.
– in Cape Coast you have not mentioned the post office, after the Savoy hotel up the hill then right handside.
– page 177: the post office is not there anymore ; Gramsdel restaurant … does not serve food, just drinks! But a nice place to eat, after the post office on your map going towards Gramsdel but on the same side of the street as the post office “Cozy corner”, a simple hut serving good ghanean food, a decent selection, freshly cooked, not expensive.
– in Busua, best than any places to eat (Daniel the pancake man included) the street food!
– page 240: the cocoa farm is nice to visit but they do ask a fee of 5 cedis per person
– nice place to eat in Aburi, “Bamboo canteen”: a long list of ghanean dishes, not expensive, very good, nice lady cooking and managing, open from very early morning to late at night. Coming from May lodge, left handside after the fork where the carvers are. May lodge now charges 25 not 15.
– page 246: Kes charges 23 the double, not 13!
– page 256: the Continental hotel will also change dollars
– page 257: Adomi charges 30 and 40 which is overpriced for the rooms and the staff is not welcoming. Benkum is much better (also charging 20 and 25 now)
– page 327: in Abono the “caretaker” is still there and bugging!
– page 332: in Atia Kusia, they wanted 17 C for two!
It was our first trip with Bradtguide and it is just wonderful, complete, serious. Thanks!




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