Bi Konu Tu Drummers, Damongo

I am a drummer and founder of Bi konu tu (The Drumming and Cultural Group in the Gonja language). We organize traditional dance performances as well as drumming workshops in Damongo, Northern Ghana.
The dance performances consist of three traditional dances (Tawara, Kpana and Asie) specific to the Gonjaland district in the Northern region of Ghana. In addition other traditional Ghanian dances are performed.
The drumming workshops cost 5 cedis (4 hrs). The workshops also include proverbs and poems, traditional to the culture of the Gonja people.
Tickets: 5 cedis/ person (as of 2011) and with a group price will be 4 cedis /person. Children get in for free.
Performance times: 12pm and 8pm. Performance lasts for 3.5 hours, or 4 hours if audience wants to join in. Audience participation is highly recommended.
Damongo is located in the Northern part of Ghana between Tamale (188km) and Mole National Park (24km) so it makes a great stopover on the way to or from Mole. From Tamale buses run twice daily from Metro Mas station, 9am and 12pm, and the journey takes 2.5 hours. From Larabanga (coming from Mole) the bus leaves at 4am and takes 30min to Damongo. If required, a car or taxi can be arranged from Mole/Larabanga for a pick up. Car is 15cedi and taxi one-way is 18cedi.
Accommodation: guest houses, and also home stays available. Mahama Guest House 15cedi/night, St Charles Guesthouse cost 10-20 cedi/night, Catholic Guest House 15-20 cedi/night.
Visitors also have the opportunity to volunteer in the community school. In addition they have the chance to experience life on a farm, seeing how traditional cooking is done and eating fresh produce from the farm.
I am the person of contact and my number is 00 233 275 543 076 and email address:
I believe the Bi konu tu performances and workshops are a truly unique Ghanian experience, and visitors would gain a better understanding for our culture, not to mention enjoyment, when attending one of our performances or workshops.

Mohammed Sharif


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