Evan’s feedback

I loved 99% of the guide, so if its sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not, just providing a different point of view
I’ll start with comments about accommodation.

In Accra, I stayed in Pink Hostel, and I’d agree with the description in the guide – good value, but I’d qualify that by saying only for the dorms.

Cape Coast – Sammo’s Guesthouse. Yes! Thanks for this – great location, and great people – Fifi is a legend, an incredible source of knowledge, and very interesting. And the food is quite cheap, too.

Beyin – Beyin Beach Resort. Well, this is the exception that proves the rule. This received a glowing review in the guide, but I have to say, this was without doubt the worst value accommodation I experienced in two months travel in West Africa. This was a splurge for me – 60 cedi, for a private bungalow. A splurge, to my way of thinking, should be better than where you’d usually stay. But this place had no (functioning) mozzie net, no fan, an extremely bright light outside my room illuminating the path, so I couldn’t get to sleep until it was turned off around midnight. The light in the room was not bright enough to read, I couldn’t charge phone/MP3 player, and there were no curtains in either the bedroom or the bathroom, ensuring no privacy. And it was built on a massive slope.  The staff were great though, although the owner’s inability to get anything to work rendered the whole thing a Fawlty Towers / Seachange (Aussie show) hybrid. He was a great bloke though, but the one word I simply could not use to describe this place, is value.
Kumasi – Guestline Lodge. Agree with comments in the book, not teriffic value, but great location, and the staff were generally pretty helpful, although one girl consistently told all customers that there was no change in the till, but she was just pocketing it.

Tamale – Catholic Gueshthouse. Yes, yes yes! Fantastic accommodation, although the giant rock-like pillows were useless, but still hilarious. Great staff, too. Not sure why you said ‘surprisingly good bar’, though – has he ever met a Catholic in his entire life?
Mole Motel – great value accommodation, but the food made me very ill.

A couple more comments:

Vic Baboo’s cafe in Kumasi made me extremely sick.

Rising Phoenix in Accra – best red-red ever.

I think a comment was made in the guide about Kakum walk not being for those who can’t handle heights. I am petrified of heights, but I thought it was, so to speak, a walk in the park. I wouldn’t want others to feel put off experiencing something as beautiful as this, although I would agree with other comments that it was a bit gimmicky, and I too, felt herded around.
My final comment relates to Nzulezo. In the guide, it says that many people list it among their favourite experiences of Ghana. I would rate it as my worst. The canoeing is great, it’s all very beautiful, but I think that it would be better observed from a very slight distance. Being marched through the village is not good, in my opinion; rich people paying to look at poor people is disgraceful, and that is all this experience amounts to, in my opinion – there is no chance to interact with anyone, so it’s reduced to a ‘see-er vs seen’ experience. We don’t learn anything about the way they live, and I don’t know if the money finds its way to the locals. I’m happy to give the village money, but I feel that it would be best if only tourists who stayed there were admitted to the village itself.

Can’t wait to get back to Ghana, when you’ll be hearing more from me.




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