Asempa Lodge in Tamale

Asempa Lodge is now open and offers great service. It’s not too far from the centre – we almost decided no to stay there because it seemed out of the way but luckily in the end we did! The huts are very comfortable and the owners are super friendly and a great source of local information. They don’t run the shuttle bus to the Centre for National Culture yet nor organise tours to Mole but they do organise visits to a nearby village & cultural evenings there – very authentic and non-touristy (cultural evenings are not organised for the tourists, the tourists are simply invited along, for a very reasonable fee, when the village celebrations are going on – we were lucky to be there for one). The day-time visit to the village is basically an invitation to their homes. The owners of Asempa say they will stop to run these tours immediately if they’ll at any time get the impression it’s taking away from the villagers’ pride or turning the village into a “zoo”.



2 thoughts on “Asempa Lodge in Tamale

  1. Michele Burgess says:

    Very unimpressed with this hotel when I took a group of 10 there last month. Black plastic sheeting covering the roof of the reception/lounge/bar area, looks terrible from the outside. I guess it’s because the thatched roof was leaking? Rooms were small, dark, hot, not well lit at all. “Landscaping” brown and dried out. I’d recommend this hotel only if you want a budget place. We left and went to the more upscale Gariba Lodge.

  2. Wim says:

    Dear Michele,

    thank you for the feedback. Thanks to the starting of the raining season, we have now been able to work on our landscaping and it is with joy that I can inform you that the grass is flourishing, giving the premises a green and very fresh look!

    We have also launched a new website from where there is more information and pictures.

    Kind greetings,

    Wim from Asempa Lodge

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