Important news re Ghana visas

Thanks to Chloe Grant for alerting me to a new obstacle to obtaining Ghanaian visas. It seems that as of January 2011, several if not all Ghanaian embassies and other consular representatives will now issue visas only to residents of the country in which they are based – for instance, the consular representative in Burkina Faso will only issue a visa to residents of Burkina Faso, the one in South Africa only to South African residents, et al. From where we are sitting, it seems like a thoroughly counterproductive move in terms of building a tourist industry, as it effectively closes the country off to travellers coming from elsewhere in West Africa, volunteers working in eastern or southern Africa etc, unless they obtain a Ghanaian visa in their home country prior to the start of their trip. We’d be grateful for any further feedback on this, but in the meantime check out this useful post on the Thorntree, with several first-hand accounts…

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