Essiama & Axim

Taxi from Elubo was 4.5GhC a seat, having crossed the Ivorian border late afternoon I realised the only way to get there was to take all the seats as the Takoradi tro-tros had no intention of stopping in Esiama or any others, as hard as I tried.

Arriving in Esiama, I was directed to Maggies GH about 100m before it still looking for directions, a man said ‘it’s full’.

Maggies GH is now the Jehovah’s Witness Hall
Sunny Corner Lodge next door is full of mine workers, the guy there informed me that it wasn’t worth going to Nkorful as it’s all taken over by the mines

Next stop Axim and another 7GhC to my driver who wasn’t happy with that asking for 20GhC more!
There’s a place on a bit of a hill (was in the dark) white house on the left going uphill (Frankfraus maybe?) that had fan rooms without bathrooms for 35GhC & A/C with a bathroom for 50GhC.  The owner really wasn’t bothered & was quite rude, the girl showing me the room told me that I could do better elsewhere!
Axim Beach Hotel, run/owned by Jonas is incredible, not my thing at all but after 15hrs of travelling & meetings it had to do.  There are expat mine workers here too!  Jonas informed me that B&Q in Nkorful has been taken over by the mine (essentially shut down as a guest house!) that between the border & Axim there’s nothing in the way of accomodation, I forgot to ask him about Half-Assini & Jewi-Wharf where there used to be places.


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