Kongo & Widnaba

My husband and I have spent a month traveling in Ghana both in 2009 and 2010 as we have a small nonprofit to benefit the women of the village of Yakote between Kongo and Nangode.  We stay at the Catholic Retreat Center in Kongo which has quite nice accomodations for the very reasonable price of 7 cedis per day.  This last trip we decided to travel to Widnaba as a day trip based on the description in the guide. Although there is still the sign on the main highway that says that the cultural center is open I doubt it has been in operation for many years.  Only goats are in residence and the guest houses and center are all in states of decrepitude.  There is no one in Widnaba who even seems to know that there was a cultural center there.  Even making it to Widnaba was an adventure and only possible because we had a four wheel drive vehicle.  All of the bridges were out on the road so detours through rivers was necessary.  Widnaba did appear to have more latrines per capita than anywhere else we’d been, probably a cultural remmnant from the peace corp presence.

Marilyn Schuster

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