Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

We spent a night on a hippo hide with our kids (we took a tent to contain them as the things were clearly not child proof). Our 5 yr old said that this was our best night in Ghana and it was. But the operation was rather annoying. We had to threaten to carry on to Wa as they did not want to let us go to the one that could only be reached by canoe and after all that they rocked up with a 4WD in the morning anyway. The guide left us there alone (which we quite appreciated) with a pot to cook we had to ask for….. very badly managed, lazy and clearly a Canadian project with no sign of upkeep. In a year or two the hippo hide will have fallen apart (it was borderline now) – nothng a bit of oil couldn’t have prevented from happening. The canoes were leaking severely (scary!) we had to empty the boat as we went along (and that with a 1 yr old aboard!) but the hippos were super. In the morning we collected all the rubbish scatterred about and as our daugther was about to pick up the bag, the guide took it and threw it into the bushes. Needless to say that we sent them back to get it with the reasoning that this was not appropriate education for our kids 😀

Andrea Schäfer

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