Cape Coast & Kakum updates

Cape Coast was a bit disappointing. I liked the castle tour, it was very moving, what I have seen of Mighty Victory is extremely clean (you mentioning “crispy white sheets” is not an exaggeration, I was truely amazed). But Kakum was a frustration. I was able to take a trotro to the park for abouth GHc 1.00, but the canopy walk has become very expensive. At printing time of the Bradt Guide, the fee for a foreigner to do the ropeway was GHc 9.00 , in less than 6 months that amount has risen to GHc 30.00 . I simply did not have that money on me when we arrived there, so that was a huge disapointment. I can understand a little adjustment of the pricing, but that a price rises with more than 200% is quite “outrageous”.



One thought on “Cape Coast & Kakum updates

  1. Kofi Adu says:

    I was just there with a couple of friends of mine from America. Being of Ghanaian descent, I was able to get the local price. My friends however were told that they had to pay the foreign national rate of 30 gh cedi. However, they were able to haggle the price down to 15 gh cedi.

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