Bui National Park

We had nowhere near enough time but wanted to see it before it floods. There are two bridges connecting Bole Rd with Bui Camp which shortens the trip substantially, even though the new roads (I mean highways) are surreal. All you need to do is speak nicely with the dam project security and tell them that you would like to drive through. as heart breaking as the entire thing is, seeing a dam being built has something exciting for us engineers. We have heard the black flies here carry a blindness causing disease, and some of us got bitten quite a bit at Bui Village. Canoe trip was great, saw Hippos in the distance and they asked us to take a canoe each. Very nice and low key.

Andrea Schäfer

2 thoughts on “Bui National Park

  1. florian Brüning says:

    Hi Andrea,
    could you please get in contact with me, I’am very excited about you trip to Bui National Park and wanted to ask you a few questions
    Greetings from Vienna

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