Bole & surrounds

Bole Cocoa Research Institute Guesthouse Ph no is 0246785400. Couldn’t posibly cook us dinner at 7pm as the kitchen had closed (advertised til 8pm) so it took major convincing. the problem was that all the meat was in the fridge (freezer). I said that it would defrost while cooking so they finally agreed. Next I heard was the sound of a microwave.

Sonyor is at least 15km from the road, not 5km.

Kulmasa: the crocodiles are a bunch of tall tales. We saw one and I reckon that’s the only one. It was fun but I got a bit repulsed by the nonsense surrounding it and had some big grins when I asked how long a crocodile can stay underwater without breathing. If there really were 50-200 crocs in that pool they would start eating each other!

Andrea Schäfer

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