Bar Amsterdam, Kumasi

Guestline Lodge in Kumasi has now also built an Annex at the edge of Kumasi. It is “Bar Amsterdam” as the majority of the backpackers visiting his guesthouse are Dutch. When I arrived there around the 20th of November, he had just opened the bar for three days so it was very new. He was very proud to invite me over there. I was expecting a moderate kind of establishment, so I was really flabbergasted noticing that everything was “state of the art”. It already started at the parking lot, with the watchman in formal uniform, walking with us from the taxi to the entrance and opening the door. When I saw the inside (like walking into a Chinese restaurant in Europe, complete with little fountain and everything), I first wanted to see the menu whether I could afford it at all. To my surprise, everything was  moderately priced around GHc 8. The choice of the menu was extensive, maybe even too extensive, it took me several minutes to plow through the choices of continental, Chinese, local, pasta and Indian dishes, but the service was swift and kind. I would recommend it to anyone.



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