We had quite a few service problems at the Oasis Beach Resort on Cape Coast and one night we got so annoyed that we called a manager to complain. She promised that everything would change. So we said right, you show us tomorrow, we won’t pay the bill tonight and if everything is different tomorrow we pay both bills. The service the next day was exceptional! And we realised the power of withholding payments, the reason being that they need to balance the books each night and if they can’t they have explaining to do, and that works. It went as far with them that one night we were woken up in the middle of the night. Wondering what happened we answered the door and the guy asked us to pay our bill- which we had. So we told him to get lost and deal with it in the morning. As it turns out he had forgotten an item on the bill. Good reason to wake up your guests!!!

Andrea Schäfer


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