Thai Island, Accra

The ‘Thai Island’ is a restaurant that is situated in the Afrikiko Leisure Complex on Liberation road. Being one of the few Thai restaurants in
Ghana, ‘Thai Island’ offers truly authentic Thai decor with an authentic menu to match. The head chef also owns a small farm where he sources the fresh herbs and vegetables used in the restaurant. As i have traveled to Thailand I feel I have a basic level of appreciation for Thai cuisine. This restaurant is one of the more expensive restaurants in Accra but visitors to ‘Thai Isl and’ will not be disapointed. ‘Thai Island’ would not be out of place in a British high street. I truly hope this restaurant gets the recognition is deserves.



3 thoughts on “Thai Island, Accra

  1. says:

    Thai Island actually is pretty darn good. I would avoid getting take out or delivery because the quality of what they send you seems not to be on par with what they serve in-house. The crispy duck red curry is AMAZING. I ordered it, and had to order another one because our party of 6 ‘tasted’ it too much 🙂

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