Accra Restaurant & Hotel feedback

I’ve been for a few weeks in ghana and used the Ghana Bradt guide very much. Some little comments:
-El Gaucho Restaurant, Abrebensem street: doesn’t exist anymore
-Monsoon Restaurant, Oxford Street: good food, but very expensive drinks. Be aware of getting your change: 2 times they tried to keep the change, either by letting you wait for a very long time or by saying that “there is no change”. But if you call the boss, the change will come immediately
-Chez Afrique, East Legon: very nice in the weekends with the live music and all dancing people
-in your guide you recomment Mamma Mia Restaurant. For a real good on real fire baked pizza, go to Bella Roma, in the street just near Frankie’s. Little more expensive, but much more tasty
-the greatest exploring for me was jazzclub +233, near Alisa hotel, near Osu. This relatively new club with live music (on wednesday and in the weekend I know for sure), is I think “the place to be”, for a nice evening of entertainment. You can be seated in- or outside, drinking and eating a kebab from the BBQ and listen to nice live music.
For staying:
Accra Novotel: outdated and much to expensive, not worth the money
Blue Royal Hotel: reasonable value for money. Try to argue about the price you are supposed to pay. Breakfast is awful.

Leen Schaap


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