La Paradise Inn, Accra

We used your Ghana book as our bible while traveling through Ghana.  All your recommendations were spot on besides for La Paradise Inn in Accra.  Although a nice hotel, we were not treated well.  This is what happened….

On our trip to West Africa, we stayed in ten different hotels in Ghana and Mali and the only unpleasant hotel experience was at La Paradise Inn. I had confirmed over email with Victor, the owner of La Paradise Inn our reservation for our first two nights in Accra, Ghana and the last two nights before heading home to San Francisco.  As well, I gave Victor a $100. deposit a few weeks before our arrival.  When we got to La Paradise Inn there was no room available.  The best he could do was to put us up in a hotel nearby that was not as nice for more money.  Of course, we were not happy with the situation but decided to stay in the other hotel. Before leaving Accra we talked with Victor about our final two nights at La Paradise Inn a week later. Besides having a written confirmation, the owner verbally reassured us that indeed, the next time around, a room would definitely be available.  We should have known better.  Upon our return, once again there was no room available.
I hope you will consider our feedback in your next Ghana edition.
Thanks for such good guidance through Ghana.
All the best,
Kathy Klausner

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