Mount Afadjato & Gbledi Gbogame

Concerning this entry in the Bradt Guide, on behalf of the Ghana Wildlife Society in Gbledi Gbogame, we greatly wish that the heading for the Mount Afadjato entry be changed to include Gbledi Gbogame’s name. Current Heading: “Mount Afadjato And Liati Wote”. Suggested Heading: “Mount Afadjato And Gbledi Gbogame / Liati Wote”. We feel that the current title suggests that Liati Wote is the primary route to Afadjato, when in actuality Gbledi Gbogame offers a similar, if not superior path to the same peak. While we greatly appreciate the mention of Gbledi Gbogame and the Ghana Wildlife Society within the section, we feel that the heading may inadvertently steer hikers to Liati Wote. One distinction that could be made between the paths is that the trail from Gbledi Gbogame is canopied whereas the Liati Wote trail is open to the sun. Some hikers may appreciate the turnaround view from Liati Wote, and some may prefer the shade offered by Gbledi Gbogame. One final point, we would like to highlight that Gbledi Gbogame offers a trail to Afadjato which can be ascended in roughly 45 minutes. While it is true that we offer multi-day hikes, our main business is catering to day-hikers and eco-tourists. We feel that the description of the Ghana Wildlife Society in this section, while true, may give the impression that we specialize in extended treks, which is not the case. The statements in question can be found on page 275. It reads, “The Ghana Wildlife Society maintains a conservation office in Gbledi, from where treks of up to three days in duration can be undertaken by arrangement with rangers”. No mention is made that Gbledi offers day hikes. Thank you greatly for considering our concerns.

Cordially, Togbe Adabra III, Liaison Officer Ghana Wildlife Society Tel 0249755885 Ghana Wildlife Society Tel 665197 / 663600 Fax: 670610 Email: Web

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