Ezile Bay updates

Some more information about Ezile: we have now 5 bungalows and 4 rooms (some are family rooms). We also welcome campers and overlanders.

Solar panels provide electricity. We have a garden to provide vegetable and fruits. We bake our own bread and the restaurant offers French and west African food (including bushmeat).

At Ezile bay, the sea is very calm (because is a bay) no current, is perfect to swim.

Ketakor beach (next door) is a very good spot to surf.

We have one traditionnal canoe “l’ekwatoria” to organise “sea taxi” between Busua and Akwidaa and also fishing trip, canoe trip in the Ezile river or in the ocean..
At Akwidaa it is possible to find a guides (local tourism community (http://www.ghanawestcoast.com/gwc/akwidae.html )   to make tours in the rain forest (cape tree points forest reserve) or walk in the country side.

Because we adopt the principles, rules and trade faire  of sustainable tourism, we are currently working with Ghanian association to develop future projects for the inhabitants of a small region (Akwidaa, Ketakor), especially around education. I will inform you of the progress of the project.

Have a nice day,

Danielle (of Ezile Bay)


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