Mole NP & Larabanga update

Visited Mole National Park and Larabanga this weekend. Mole was amazing and we very much enjoyed the safari walks and seeing elephants at close quarters (even in the rainy season). The short cut to Mole via the turn off at Buipe turned into a major detour (3 hours total) due to the bridge very close to Damango being washed away and the river unpassable. Better to stick to the usual route to Damango and Mole in the rainy season.

A word of warning about Larabanga. We were followed from our car by male youths who told use there was a procedure if we wanted to take pictures in that we should sign the visitors book. We kept walking and said that we wanted to look only and not take a tour or pictures thinking this would shake them off. On returning to our car we were surrounded by about 20 youths and a huge log was placed in front of our car so that we could’t move. The youths threatened damage to our taxi and there was almost a punch up. If it were not for the diplomacy skills of a member of our group (and a 5 cedi payment) the situation would most certainly have escalated. Would advise everyone VERY STRONGLY to stay clear of this place and visit one of the other mosques in the region.



One thought on “Mole NP & Larabanga update

  1. kony says:

    I have been in larabanga for my whole life and i have never seen this before so i say its not true what is written over there is not from any tourist who visited larabanga rather written by some people who called themselves as tourist gjides at mole park this people have given alot of false infomation to the bradts travel guide.with this info i will state clarly that its not true so visiting larabanga is safe.KONY

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