Maa Sankofah Hotel, Aburi

While travelling Ghana this april we found one of our booked hotel in Aburi out of order.
By accident we came upon the Maa Sankofah hotel. This prooved to be very lucky as we liked it very much. Extremely etnhousiastic and helpfull management from US and UK borne Ghanese.  The kitchen was the best we found in our two weeks Ghana travel and the rooms were very good for a reasonable price.

Back in Holland we found out we had paid twice by an error of Visa card.
The maney was funelled back to us quickly after we mailed them this problem.
So we want to recommodate this hotel to your guide.
All information can be found at their web-site:


LJ Schmit Jongbloed MD

3 thoughts on “Maa Sankofah Hotel, Aburi

      • philipbriggs says:

        In answer to S Quartey, it states clearly that the writer is from Holland, so maybe you should make allowances? Probably a lot less errors than if either of us were to write in Dutch 🙂

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