Ghana with children

Ghana may not be the first destination parents think of when planning their family holiday. However, travelling through the country with our kids of 5 and 6 has proven a very rewarding experience for all of us. Watching elephants in Mole, touching a live crocodile in Hans Cottage Botel, playing soccer or rope with local kids at the beach, swimming among the mysterious fishermen in Lake Bosumtwe: there are many, many highlights, easily outcancelling the regular smaller disappointments. Indeed, making do without the constant availability of tv, chips and ice cream, as well as being witness to the completely different circumstances in which many people in this part of the world lead their lives add, of course, a great educational value to this trip.
From a financial point of view, we found it very helpful that Ghanaian hotels have no problem whatsoever with parents and children sharing 1 double room. Depending on the size of the beds, we had sometimes an extra mattress on the floor. For transportation we made use of taxis and STC buses; as we wanted to stay several days at each address this was an efficient and economic solution. For Mole and Bosumtwe we rented a car with driver for a week. In spite of the (European) high season, it was easy to find space in hotels, which gave us a lot of freedom to improvise our trip. In the end we stayed in 12 places in 4 weeks.

Keep in mind that the offer in the shops, even on the coast and especially outside the bigger cities, is very limited. E.g. beach toys for the kids should be brought from home -although under supervision some of the debris on most beaches can easily be used for for playing.
The kids returned home (in the Netherlands) with an enormous enthusiasm for Ghana.

Eva van der Molen

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