Coconut Grove Bridge House, Elmina

I am writing to report a thief from our hotel room the Coconut Grove Bridge House in Elmina. My boyfriend and I had a 3 night reservation at the Bridge House starting July 3rd, but decided to leave one day early, because money was stolen from bags left behind in our room on two occasions.
On the day of our arrival we checked in and left our bags behind while we went out for the afternoon. We left our spare cash, US $50 and 100 cedi, in an outer zipper pocket of one of our bags. The door was locked and we left the key with the front desk, telling the woman who works at the desk that we would be out for a while. When we came back in the evening all but 30 cedi was gone.
After searching all of our bags and the room very thoroughly, we were certain that the money had been stolen. Just to make sure that we were not falsely reporting a theft, we left US $10 behind in an outer zippered pocket of another bag the next morning to see if it would be stolen as well. We went out for a couple hours in the morning and came back to a freshly cleaned room, and the $10 was still there. However, that evening we went out between about 2pm and 5pm. Again we left our key at the front desk. When we returned for dinner the $10 had been stolen.
The thief must have had access to a key to the room because our room was on the 3rd floor and there were bars on the windows. The thief must also have known when we were gone.

Other than this one incident, which we have reported to the hotel management, we couldn’t have been happier with our time in Ghana.



3 thoughts on “Coconut Grove Bridge House, Elmina

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Based on this report, I’d suggest that travellers staying at this hotel (or any other, for that matter) avoid leaving money in unlocked luggage. I’d also be grateful to hear about any other similar incidents, should they occur.

    However, I’d ask readers to bear in mind that ANY hotel might inadvertently employ a light-fingered staff member for a period, and unlocked valuables have been stolen from rooms at the best hotels in the world – it is not necessarily a reflection of the hotel itself.

  2. Robert says:

    Sorry Elizabeth. Unfortunstely thefts from hotel rooms and guest houses are very, very common in Ghana. I wish someone had told you but people always will be quiet about this…Ghanaians will never tell you…only the foreigners who have also been robbed there. The rule is…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave any money, or valuables in a hotel or guest house in Ghana. NEVER, NEVER tell anyone where you are going. NEVER, NEVER tell anyone at the hotel that you will be out for a few hours !!! If you do you will be certainly robbed – 100% !!! I myself have been robbed and friends of mine from Japan and Europe have also been robbed in Ghana. Every “white man” or “white woman” is a target for thieves as everyone in Ghana sincerely believes that ALL “WHITE PEOPLE” From Japan, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand (tourists, businessmen) have lots and lots of money and it is their duty to steal from such foreign people. It is not regarded as a crime by most people in Ghana. Sorry, this is what everyone thinks….the people, and especially the chiefs !! They will smile at you, befriend you …and then quietly steal from you. The police, if you dare to report it, will also ask you for money, or even ask you for transport to investigate the crime, as they have no resources & vehicles. One man from the Netherlands was robbed and killed in Sogakope in 2009. His killers and robbers are still walking free. Every single guest house in Sogakope has had thefts targetted at foreigners..some more than once !! One has now installed electrified barbed wire fencing ….as in South Africa to try to protect foreign guests. This is sad, sad, sad !! The message is…come to Ghana by all means, enjoy but ….. beware of false friends !! Do not tell anyone where you are going, how long you will be out !! Many people are very friendly and honest in Ghana but some are very, very wicked criminals and this is definitely increasing year by year. Some people are followed from the airport to their hotel to be robbed, so beware on arrival in Accra of all the “boys” who try to “help” with your bags to demand money. I feel very sorry for Ghana as armed robbery is increasing too much and Accra is becoming like Lagos !!Visitors, please, please be careful…do not trust anyone unless you know them very well !! Otherwise you may end up like Elizabeth and her boyfriend in having money stolen.from them, like my own friends. NEVER, NEVER tell any hotel staff in Ghana what you are going to do !!They will use this information to steal at will from you.

  3. seddoh says:

    Stealing in hotels happen everywhere. A friend, a Ghanaian executive, had his passport and money stolen when he stayed at a hotel in Seatle, USA sometime in October 2010. He had to come back to Ghana with a travel pass issued by the Ghana Embassy in Washington. This happned in a top class hotel and they could not trace the money nor the passport.Just be careful wherever you are because there are thieves everywhere

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