Dadson’s Lodge, Busua

I took a room at Dadson Lodge on march 2010. The place is OK, not more than that. The main problem was the mattress, which was old and very uncomfortable. When I told Betty the owner that I would like to get another mattress or another room, she answered me “you complain too much”! I guess this is the Ghanaian version for “the costumer is always right” :). The food there was not very good, full o oil. The shared bathrooms were OK, but as the staff lock them at the bottom floor, people urinate in the showers next door, so the showers many times stink. After I mention it to the management, obviously nothing changed. To conclude: the place is ok for the price of 12 cd a night. Check out the bed before you decide to take the room.



One thought on “Dadson’s Lodge, Busua

  1. Tim says:

    Busua – There is a nice and very simple hostel on the beach managed by a local guy called Raskoby. It was very cheap and pleasant staying there, with nice music and cool people. In the evening his wife cooked us fresh lobsters we bought from a local fisherman, and it was great!

    Butre – was actually even more peaceful than Busua. The Ellis Hideout in Butre was wonderful, with good food and nice staff (the owner’s half-black boy is just adorable:) Enjoy.

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