Niagara Hotel, Accra

I have to inform you urgently of your misleading description of the Hotel Niagara in Accra. Myself and 2 friends stayed there in February 2010;we are all well travelled in Africa but would not have described this hotel as remotely’upmarket’ as it appears in your guide. It was shabby (large holes in the towels), facilities were poor (including toilets that didn’t flush), there were fleas in the furniture, food in the restaurant was inedible and the service poor. For the price it was appalling value so please do not reccomend it in your subsequent guides.

Patricia Townsend


One thought on “Niagara Hotel, Accra

  1. jean claude galea says:

    was surfing the web when wanted to check on the niagara hotel,,this in response to the above mail, i have been to the niagara, and i have been staying in niagara for a long time, it is over three years now.what the mail is saying above is absolutely not correct, it looks like the person wants to stay in an expensive hotel and pay cheap, this what is called having a taste of champagne and a pocket for a beer. the food is not first class, but definitely is edible. iam sure the person who wrote this comment above is moving around in his or her slippers or what is called in ghana chile wate’,, tell the truth as it should just do not fabricate stories in order to hurt others, i really do not know what was she or he is expecting to pay 50usd, have breakfast, use internet for free, cheap drinks and food. I urge u to publish this comment just to be on a fair playing level. thank you

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