Maranatha Beach Lodge

Just to pass on some up to date info on Maranatha Beach Lodge in Ada Foah, Ghana from our trip after a work conference there in Feb 2010. Overall we enjoyed our stay there (2 days/nights) in basic palm huts and swimming in the Volta estuary. This is quite shallow for a long way out but preferable to the sea. When we asked about sea swimming we were told there was no current but there definitely was, and this combined with the rubbish puts you off a bit.
It’s a beautiful spot (except for the rubbish on the seaward side) with a great cooling breeze which was a welcome relief from temperatures inland. They have bucket showers and long drop toilets but if you’re expecting basic it’s fine. You can take walks along the beach through the next door fishing villages and people were generally friendly and welcoming.
We had seen the website for “Project Sands” community project here and met some of the volunteer teachers at the community school but otherwise saw no sign of this project or what they were doing really. We booked to go turtle watching (knowing it was a long shot at the end of the season) but to be honest it was a bit of a farce. The guide from GWD who turned up couldn’t speak/understand any english (and not that I expect this from everyone I meet in a foreign country but as a guide it’s useful..) so we couldn’t get any information or ask any questions about the turtle project (again -we saw no signage or info about this anywhere). We walked a stretch of beach with him and a torch and saw/learnt nothing at all. Having worked with turtles a little myself I was a bit concerned that if we had come across one, we/the group would have had been given no infomation on how to behave/ avoid disturbing them etc. The next night we went for a walk on the same stretch of beach ourselves and actually found evidence of 7 old nests with egg shells (not sure if these had been predated or hatched). He hadn’t even pointed these out to us the night before… Perhaps it was a one off and he was covering for someone but even so they could provide much more information than they do and encourage this eco-tourism option much more than they appear to.
Staff at the lodge were generally friendly but like the service it varied..and there always seemed to be confusion regarding the price of trips for example. A price would be mentioned before we left e.g. on a boat trip and when we returned it had gone up…worth clarifying exact cost and duration of your trips before you go anywhere. Things ended up being pricier than expected and once you are there you have to rely on the staff to get anywhere else. Also things are often promised such as beach bonfire and drumming on a saturday night…nothing happened!
Overall though I would still recommend the place for a few days of R&R on the beach, they could just improve it so much more. Hope this helps as I couldn’t find much info on this place before we went.
Cheers. Kristina Turner

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4 thoughts on “Maranatha Beach Lodge

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh My! I had gone there in 2009 and LOVED it! I’m so sorry you had a bit of a negative experience. I went for a weekend in March also, and we had the huge bonfire, and went to the island village to learn the sugar cane rum making proses, (and buy a 1L bottle of it for 6cedis!! I went for my own to do some turtle exploring, and I found tracks, but like you said, tail end of the season.
    As for money relating to boat trips and what have you, you just need to barter. That was something new for me, but I caught on quick 🙂

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