Nungua & Akosombo updates


I’ve just got back from a trip to Ghana where I attend a wonderful drum and dance school in Nungua. This has been my second time with Ekome, the 4 week classes are great! Nungua gets a bit of bad press in your guide but I have not had any problems there, in fact have on both occasions felt very safe and welcomed.

Just wanted to give you some feedback about the state we found Akosombo Continental Hotel in – It was priced at $110 US per night for a chalet (although we got one for $100) and really we thought that was very expensive considering the pool was filthy – not one person swam in it while we were there.  It’s filled from the bottom of the lake close in, probably not safe to swim in at all.  The lake in the middle was much more appealing! The animals in cages were in a poor state indeed, no water, food, and tiny cages, the peacocks could hardly move.  Had we seen them before we checked in we would not have stayed there.  In fact, we were the only people there whereas Africiko up the road was full.  We had dinner there one night and it was lovely.  Our chalet had water one day and not the next, apparently the pump can only service one block at a time so we had to shower in another room, no problem if it was budget accomodation but this was our big treat! I don’t know if there’s any agency that deals with cruelty to animals in Ghana but if you know of one, please pass on the details to me.

Thanks for your guide – it really did make our trip so much easier.  I’ll be going back in 2010 so would love to have updates on places to stay etc.




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