Vodafone Internet

VODAFONE HIGH SPEED (THE FASTEST IN AFRICA AT 40 MB!) INTERNET CAFES: State of the art facilities-a/c, skype, modern computers and comfortable desk chairs-at Vodafone INTERNET cafes. 4 have opened up in Accra at Cantonments, Accra North, Accra Mall and Accra Central as well as at the main post office in Kumasi. Introductory price GH C 1.80 per hour! Others soon to open in Tema, Koforidua, Ho, Tamale and Takoradi if they haven’t already.

Chris Scott, Four Villages Inn

One thought on “Vodafone Internet

  1. Linda Forster (aka Nana Efua Kodu I) says:

    Vodafone internet in Takoradi has been open since our visit October 2010 – very fast speed and air-conditioned comfort. Paid 1.80 per hour. Only serious users here (because of price?) and no hordes of small boys playing computer games.

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