Akosombo Dam tours

Re Akosombo Dam. Visited there on 2009-11-23. Tour starts from offices about 1km after the police barrier, there are lots of signs about Volta Dam tours. The office is harder to find. You will need to provide a car for the journey to the Dam and have space for the guide, although there was someone willing to hire their vehicle. Taxis may not be used. Tour cost GH-cedi-0.5 for Ghanians and GH-cedi-2.50 for tourists. They had no change so exact money should be carried. There is a souvenir shop but it only had baseball caps, mugs and a brochure. Unfortunately, security concerns mean the Dam tour is limited to a short walk on the top, western, end of the Dam itself. Giving a view of the water intakes, the penstocks and generator houses. There are also nice views (north) into the Volta lake and (south) of the tail water lake.

Adrian H


6 thoughts on “Akosombo Dam tours

  1. Aristide Atiemo says:

    please a club(peace and love club) want to make a daytrip to the Akosombo and Akusey dam on july 1st 2012 at7:00 am and end up Akusey club for recreation,kindly provide us the required procedure.We are coming from Accra. Thanks

  2. Osei Mensah Isaac says:

    Pls we are teachers from Ashanti region. We would like to know the procedure to follow to tour your beautiful place.

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