Vegetarian kebabs

Many towns sell “soya kebobs” in the trotro stations. Look for the girls with a rectangular plastic container on their head selling kebobs! They should be 1000c = 10pesewa each and they are DELICIOUS (some of the best soy product I’ve ever had). I also kept a baggie of groundnut paste (peanut butter) and some bread for quick meals.

Krista & Rick S

One thought on “Vegetarian kebabs

  1. Emilie Persson says:

    My name is Emilie, during my visits to Accra I have found an excellent vegetarian restaurant! It is called ‘Vegetarian health food centre’ and is located just next to the Survey Offices close to the Cantonment Post office and the red light. They serve Ghanaian dishes for vegetarians with tofu, mushrooms etc. The price is good and the service fast. Try it out! Their number is 0243-469541 or 020-9333107, with the new Accra prefix the first numbers might need to be changed.

    Good luck! Emilie

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