Sirigu in the rainy season

The guide says you can visit Sirigu village year round. While the dirt road from the junction to the SWOPA visitor’s center near the village is indeed passable, even during the rainy season, I would recommend that people visit during the dry season.

I visited in September 2009 during the rainy season. The good thing was, there were no other visitors so my driver and I had the place to ourselves. That really was a good thing, because as it was the rainy season, the doors to the rooms were slightly swelled up and wouldn’t shut, much less lock. The center has a security wall, the driveway gates were locked at nightfall and they had two night watchmen, so I felt perfectly safe in a room with a door that wouldn’t close all the way.

There are also more mosquitos during the rainy season, which is only slightly bothersome when eating your dinner al fresco and you haven’t applied enough repellent. Mosquito nets and fans are in all the guest rooms. Their electricity is provided by solar panels, so unless something unexpected happens, you’ll have a fan going all night long.

It rained heavily that night, turning the visitor center yard to mud. Likewise, the paths to the village were also turned into a muddy, sinky mess. Not only that, but because there was so much rain this year, many of the adobe houses were having problems with flooding or even partial collapse. Therefore, I was only able to visit one of the beautiful painted adobe homes rather than the whole village.

The visitor center buildings and guest rooms are all painted in the same manner as the village homes, so I did get a collection of very nice photos. There were some really beautiful paintings in the gift shop. Baskets, fans and straw hats are made here, are gorgeous and prices are more than reasonable. I paid 3 cedis (about $2) for a fan and 5 cedis (about $3) for a straw hat.

Despite the rain and mud, Sirigu was one of the highlights of my trip. But on a return visit, I would choose the dry season so I could see more of the village itself.

Marie Mcc

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