2009 has thus far been a very busy and productive year for the community and tourism project at Adanwomase in Ashanti

In March, the long-anticipated Visitor’s Centre construction was completed.  After construction was complete and the building painted, contractors handed over the keys to the Adanwomase Tourism Management Team (ATMT).

The ATMT, in collaboration with Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC) and the EU, executed the Opening Ceremony of the Visitor’s Centre on April 29th.   Discussions with many of the invited guests, visiting dignitaries, and community members afterwards confirmed the event was an overwhelming success.

Shortly afterwards, the ATMT set up operations in the new building.  The existing furniture and decorations were moved down from the old office to the new Centre.   The ATMT is currently planning creative ways to decorate the new centre, ways that will be both informative and enjoyable for tourists. 


Eric Boakye Yiadom  & Jeremy Davis


  1. mariemcc says:

    I visited the village this month (Sept. 2009). The new visitor center is very nice.

    Arrived on a Saturday, which I later learned is traditionally funeral day in many villages (it’s easier for more people to attend funerals on a Saturday than during the week when they may be working). Sure enough, the village was getting ready for a large funeral, and most of the shops were closed. Most of the weavers were also not at the weaving center for the same reason.

    Perhaps because the yarn shop was closed and the guide couldn’t begin his explanations at the beginning, the explanation of the weaving, the patterns and their meanings were a bit brief. I’m sure as they get more visitors, this will improve.

    No matter what, anyone interested in the weaving process and interested in buying kente will find this a worthwhile stop. Even though there were only five weavers at work that day, I still got some good photos.

    There won’t be much if any reduction in the cloth prices because prices are already rock bottom here. Remember the hours of hard labor that went into the creation of these beautiful cloths, and pay up with a smile! They’re not trying to cheat you.

    People here are very nice and friendly, and it was a truly no-hassle visit. I would recommend anyone interested in kente cloth to visit here, just perhaps not on a weekend.

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