The Rising Phoenix, Accra

Hello, I was in Ghana in june after some years of being away and I was delighted to find out that old Akuma Village, back of High street in Accra Business district, has been re-opened and renewed, now the name is The Rising Phoenix (appropriate, considering how Akuma Village had declined…) and they have 7 rooms + bar + reggae nights on friday (

In the Eastern Region instead, I really enjoyed my stay at Ananse Village, a nice hidden gem in the village of Pabi, on the Suhum-Asamankese road (about 40 minutes drive from Koforidua). I didn’t find anything about it in your book, but I think that together with the beads market is one of the best things of the region. Ananse Village is composed by just 5 bungalows, a kitchen and a big summerhut,owned by a ghanaian-italian couple, Alex and Federica, but locals are helping a lot in the management in a nice and uncommon fair exchange between outsiders and villagers: Ananse village has started many development projects to benefit the comunity, for instance they have renovated the SSS, founded a women’s ngo which is now doing microcredit projects and they are running a kindergarten on their premises. So often schoolkids, local women and villagers pass by to lend a helping hand or just to “visit” the owners… and their guests. While there I had the chance of meeting almost the whole village and they all made me feel at home. I went hiking with some kids, escorted the chief to his farm, went crabs hunting in the river…. and really had a great time. There were some other guests enjoying an intensive drumming and dancing workshop, but i was more attracted by the hammocks in the shade and the delicious food (besides the tasty local food we were lucky enough to eat lasagne(!!!!) and always had a delicious cappuccino at breakfast. Unfortunately there’s no phone coverage there, but they have a website:




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