New campsite outside Hohoe

I would like to get news of the new Hohoe Scout Campsite in Hohoe, Volta Region, onto your website. This is a new site constructed last year by UK and Hohoe Scouts. It is on the main tarmac road from Hohoe to Wli Waterfalls about 3 km from the Post Office in Hohoe. It covers about 1.5 acres and has electricity, water, flush toilets and a hall. Tents and cooking equipment are available for hire. Harrison Asiamoaso is the young scout leader in charge of the site. His mobile is 00233 (Ghana) 245721675 and 209160146. Edith Ekpedzor can also make bookings 00233 243852645.

Costs of camping are 5 Cedis for Foreign Scouts, 6 Cedis for Foreign Youths and 7 Cedis for Foreign Adults. 

Other costs are:

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars etc..               35 Ghana Cedis daily rate

Hire of Tent                                                          2 Ghana Cedis 50 pesewas per night.

Cooking equipment hire                                        1 Ghana Cedi per day or part of




Jo Busby



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