La Visa Touristique Entente

Message Hi, Info on LVTE in West Africa seems scant on the web and I have had a few queries from people browsing for current info so feel free to use the up to date stuff I have on my blog: In general, it is possible to get the visa at the Togolese embassy in Accra, Ghana and I presume in Togolese embassies elsewhere (the countries the visa covers are Ghana, Benin, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire). Burkina embassy staff told me they do not issue but do respect it. In Accra’s Togolese embassy the cost is 30,000 CFA ( 1? = 656CFA, 1USD=480CFA – dollar rate fluctuates between 400 and 500 but the ? rate stays the same); you need 2 photos; you have to fill out 2 identical forms with all the basic info; if you submit the visa at 9am you can collect the same day at 2pm. I’ve heard that Niger border guards do not respect it so you may have to pay 10000 CFA at the border. More up to date info on where the LVTE works or any problems I encounter over the next few weeks can be checked on my blog. Hope this helps fellow travellers in West Africa. Regards, Damien Moran


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