Hotels in Accra

Regarding The Ghana guide
Message Dear Bradt First of all, thank you all for taking me safely through westafrica with the best guidebooks. I have an adjustment to the Ghana guide edition 4. Don´t know if it is here to comment, but I just had a bad experience at a hotel i Accra, Ghana, which was described as an “upmarket hotel”- which it definetely is not! It´s regarding the “Niagara Plus Hotel” located nicely in the Osu area. Nice location, but as we arrived, there was no water at all and the cheapest room was $ 80 and we had a discount of only $ 10 – which we had to bargain. Sometimes the is no water, we know that, but this was more days in a row – not even the toilet was working. The room was dirty and the staff unfriendly. The included breakfast we had served in the reception – it was NOT ok to sit in a lobby having served a piece of toast and an egg and nothing else! We left just after that. The Afia Beach Village is a really nice place and I can´t understand why that isn´t described as “upmarket”. In general all the prices was 10-20 $ more expensive than described in the book. The Afia was $ 70 for a double room with ac and 140 for a familyroom. Thanks again for a great guide (again – the Mali guide is also amazing). Best wishes Marie, Copenhagen


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