Kumasi hotel news

I have a few updates when it comes to the hotels in Kumasi:

Please add a hotel named Ceeta Kel, the staff is very nice and the rooms are clean. I stayed in a single room for 35 GHC incl breakfast. They have a laundry service, where you only are expected to tip the man who provide the service. Ceeta Kel is situated opposite the popular Stadium Hotel.

The Stadium Hotel is not what it once used to be. The bathroom was stinking of mould, and at nine o´clock at night a man called from the reception asking if i wanted to join him for dinner. I was travelling alone and this was very uncomfortable. This hotel charge just as much as Ceeta Kel… A plus is that one can use the internet for free, but this still does not convince me. When i left the Stadium Hotel the male receptionist asked me if i wanted to have lunch with him before i lef t, i declined once again.

Another hotel, which is in the guide already but which i can recommend is The Ashanti Hotel near the National Cultural Centre, 25 GHC per night is good value and the staff is very friendly. Not very quick in preparing the breakfast though, which they charge you a whole 4 GHC for… But it tasted alright. An American family i met at the hotel were not too impressed with the dinners served though.

Once again, thank you very much for your helpful guide!

Kind regards, Jessica Svensson


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