Kumasi bank & hotel

In Kumasi: The main Barclay’s bank in the Kumasi centre, across from Prempreh II statue, will allow Mastercard transactions at the foreign exchange counter but not at the ATM.

The Sports Hotel near the football stadium offers live bands on weekends for no entrance fee. They also have a pool, which could be used during the day. Rooms are around 100GHC for a double. http://www.sportshotelgh.com.

Anna Soper


One thought on “Kumasi bank & hotel

  1. patricia says:

    I stayed at Kumasi stadium hotel back in Nov.2008, it wasnt great but i managed it. The staff seemed friendly at the begining but started to get uncomfortably friendly as my stay progressed. they all seemed to be interested in going out with you and asking uncomfortable questions about you. Two weeks after i got back to london i received a letter from Ghana, to my disbelief it was one of the receptionist at the hotel telling me he was in love with me and wanted ‘us’ to start a relationship…. I have no idea how he got my address and other personal details, the only thing i imagined is maybe he rummaged through my suitcase when i was not in the roomm. I will definately not be staying in Stadium hotel (kumasi) again.

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