Veggie eatery in Accra

Vegan and vegetarian travellers: there is a vegan restaurant in Accra called “Assase Pa” (previously located near Circle)that serves excellent Ghanaian and veggie dishes at a very reasonable price. It is located off High Street, past the Nkrumah memorial towards Jamestown, at the juntion of Ghana Commerical Bank and the Judicial Court, half a block down a side street that leads to the beach, directly behind the AMA parking lot. There is NO SIGN so ask around (we have suggested a sign). Excellent dishes include soya kebabs covered in spice (less than 40 cents each) and groundnut soup loaded with okra and eggplant served with brown rice (around $2.00). Open Sunday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., CLOSED SATURDAY and may close early on Friday as well.

2 thoughts on “Veggie eatery in Accra

  1. Graham Knight says:

    The food can be variable at this place and is sometimes a little tasteless personally speaking. It’s easy to find if you go on the dirt road to the old Akuma Village which is well known.

    There is also the Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant opposite El-Wak stadium at 37.

    Akuma Village is now Rising Phoenix Magic Beach Resort and is exclusively vegetarian. It has cheap pasta dishes but some of the other meals can be a little dry. It over looks the sea.

  2. Noamyah says:

    I personally enjoy the Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant opposite El-Wak Stadium (as Graham mentions) better than the Asasse Pa on High Street. The food is MUCH tastier and you get more bang for your buck. It’s very true that the food at Asasse Pa (both in Accra and Cape Coast) is hit or miss.

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