Wondered if you would consider making an entry for Sandema (Builsa District capital, Upper East – down the road from Bolga & Navrongo)?

Although not as many volunteers & travellers make it here as in Bolga, it’s on the road to Fumbisi, where there is at least one (illegal) gold mine and it is also not far from the junction to Tumu at Chuchuliga – so a nice moto ride can be made from Bolga – Navrongo – Sandema – Chiana – Chuchuliga – Navrongo – Bolga etc.

It has a few drinking spots and a couple of good places to eat and now also has a guesthouse ‘Conifah’. I’ve also pasted links to some of my Facebook photos on Sandema – there are a few pics to give you an idea (unless you’ve been?!)

Louise Hutchinson

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