Takoradi to Kumasi, Obuasi

Jeff Cochrane Says:

January 10, 2009 at 3:28 pm e

The drive between Kumasi and Obuasi is over an excellent road, even after the Bekwai junction. We used the phone number in the guidebook to connect to reception — the extension for the visitor’s center did not seem to work, but reception connected us quickly to another extension.

A half hour in advance, we booked our tour of the mines, though I got the distinct impression that they would have preferred to hear from us a day in advance. Follow the road right downtown and look for the “Asset Protection Department” (aka visitor reception) just to the right of the second (last) double-roundabout, just before the railway, taxi, and tro-tro station. They will direct you through a security barrier and then immediately to the right where you collect boots, helmet, smock, and a guide to ride with you in your car. Also, this is where you pay the fee for non-Ghanaians of 16 cedis (currently about 14 US dollars), 4 for Ghanaians. Worth every penny.

You can take either a surface tour (recommended for the mobility impaired) or the underground tour. The underground tour (which we took) was a thrill, though I suspect the surface tour (of mine openings, processing facilities, etc.) is more educational, at least from the verbal description we received from our very helpful guide.

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