Originally posted March 19, 2009

Over-priced and poor value for money.
Our Island Suite was beautiful but the mosquito screen and one of the blinds were broken (we were told by management that there was nothing they could do about it as the staff were on holiday) and over a 2-day stay the room wasn’t serviced once (i.e. rubbish bins weren’t emptied, floor wasn’t swept, towels weren’t refreshed). For the prices charged and the market Lou Moon is attempting to capture this is not acceptable.


2 thoughts on “LOU MOON LODGE

  1. W-A says:

    I CANNOT believe this posting!
    I just came back from a 3 days holiday, it was the best ever. We travel a lot all over Africa, and I saw some nice places but this paradise will be hard to outclass.

    Rooms clean, restaurant one of the best in Ghana, staff very helpful (we came with 4 kids), wifi, etc, etc.

    But people, don´t go there, there are only 12 rooms, we like to go again very soon 😉

  2. Nancy Friis-Jensen says:

    Our experience last week at Lou Moon was not very positive. The bay was full of trash and swimming very limited. There was also not any privacy from work or staff. The food was very limited and pricing very expensive for the facilities and service.

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