Bruno Raes’s updates

In order to streamline this update website, I need to remove the ‘comments’ facility from the pages listed at the top of the page. So I am now posting ‘old’ comments in the main archive. The first comment follows:

Ghana in Dec 2008

If you want to go to the STC busstation with shared transport take a passenger taxi in Commercial street going to PENDU Junction.
The busstation is just around the corner.
At arrival at STC busstation taxi and other drivers try to overcharge new arrivals. If you have not to much luggage you can walk 100 m to ther right,
there at the Jukwah road you find passing shared taxis going to the centre for no money.
– They are changing the names of the streets sometimes the whole streetname has changed, sometimes only a section.
For example > John Sarbah road is nos Bussumaikkura
Liberation street is Kofi Annan
Kumasistreet is know Ako Adje street
– Superstar Hotel is much better than Hotel You 84 that had completely run down.
– Sanbra Hotel has thes sames prices as Kingsway and Guestline, but the rooms are much better and at Sanbra breakfast is included.
Both Kingsway and Guesline suffer under the lach of maintenance. Rooms were good but more and more things are functioning no longer.
– I have seen an ATM that accepts Mastercard at Ghana Commercial Bank in Stewartstreet.
Be carefull this does not mean that the ATM is functioning the whole time
– there is know an ATM at Barclays Bank at the north end of Commercial Road that accepts Visa.
Ghana Commercial bak has a Mastercard logo on his ATM

kind regards,
Bruno Raes, Belgium


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