Beyin vs Green Turtle

Originally posted March 19, 2009
Adventures in Ghana Says:

BEYIN BEACH RESORT was the absolute highlight of our trip. The chalets are beautiful – huge wooden beds, white linen, chiffon curtains billowing in the doorway on to your own private veranda and view of palm trees and ocean. And all this for GH40 cedis per night!

The food is fantastic, especially the Ghanaian dishes, and Nina is a wonderful hostess. Welcoming, relaxed and happy to provide information on the local area and surrouding attractions, such as Nzelezo.

If you are interested, Nina will wake you in the morning if turtles have hatched so you can watch them take their first swim!

Relaxing, peaceful, beautiful, romantic – BBR is highly recommended.

On the flip side we also stayed at Green Turtle Lodge and thought it was over-rated. The self-contained rooms are beautiful and well designed and their environmental credentials well-earned, but food was distinctly average and we found the staff to be completely dis-interested. The camping offer is disgusting – around 8 tents with flea ridden mattresses crammed in to a small hut on the edge of the beach – its more like a refugee camp than a resort. The beach here is stunning but Green Turtle has work to do if it is to live up to the review in the Guide Book. Apparently Beyin Beach Resort are taking over the Green Turtle conservation programme. If its a choice between the 2 places Beyin wins hands down.


3 thoughts on “Beyin vs Green Turtle

  1. Elizabeth Rawlins says:

    I completely agree. Although I enjoyed myself at Green Turtle, I felt it was very overated – a statement a lot of people I have met here in Ghana agree with. It is clean and friendly and pleasant and i loved the food however it feels like something is missing. Aside from Beyin, I found Ada Foah – which is not as hyped a green turtle- to be AMAZING. It is my favourite place by far and wins hands down when comparing it to any other beach trip. Although food and activities, however, do not compare with that of green turtle, the mere fact that it is so isolated and unique makes it number one in my eyes. Ada should really be on your to do list and i hope tourism begins to grow there.

  2. Naomi says:

    Hi Rosemary, Elizabeth, I really enjoyed reading your comments about your recent trips – and so happy to see you loved it as much as we did! Myself and my partner were lucky enough to spend 10 days at the fabulous Beyin Beach Resort in August this year, combining some chilling out on their beautiful beach with working alongside Patrick to get some insight into the work they are doing there. For more info, you can check out and all contact details are on the site. Patrick and Nina are currently working with the Green Turtle and other resorts to extend turtle conservation practice and ethics along the West Coast of Ghana. The nesting season has already begun, and BBR has already welcomed their first hatchlings into the world! BBR offer lots of options to get involved, and its well worth getting in touch with Patrick or Nina to find out what you can do. If, like us, you want to enjoy the peace, comfort and beautiful surroundings at Beyin as well as learn something about the West Coast, I can’t think of a better place to do it! BBR also has hot water and an excellent chef so if you’re a dusty, tired traveller you should definitely think about getting this on your itinerary for some TLC! We were unable to visit Green Turtle so can’t compare, but we did meet the team in charge there and were impressed and excited about what the West Coast initiative is trying to achieve. On another note, we also visited, and loved, Ada Foah, and were welcomed with open arms at Maranatha Beach Camp which is basic but clean, happy and very easy on the eye!

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