Tanga Tours Association, Bolgatanga

Tanga Tours Association is almost one year open now; we are licenced as a “Tour Operator” with the Ghana Tourist Board. We are situated in Bolgatanga, north Ghana. Our office is in the popular Black Star Hotel.

Our services: We rent scooters, clutch bike, lady bikes, mountain bikes. We can arrange a saloon car, accomodation, tours within the Upper East Region … . Our guides are local young people. Isaac followed “tour guiding” training courses at HOTCATT (Ghana’s tourist school).

Our contacts: Office line: 0246 10 15 89
Isaac’s line: 0208 44 85 89

The main aim of the NGO is to improve tourism in the Upper East Region. I have been spending quiet some time in Bolga and together with my staff, we are very knowledgable about tourism in Bolga and Upper East.

Tom Verstraeten

One thought on “Tanga Tours Association, Bolgatanga

  1. Peter Stuber says:

    me and my wife are searching a motobike like Honda Transalp or BMW F650 GS to ride for 2 weeks to Ghana. we need some baggage and top case. Time is November 2009. Do you have an offer for us?
    best regards Peter

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