Rainbow Garden Village Guesthouse, Bosumtwi



My name is Steffen Mayer and I am writing to you as owner of Rainbow Garden Village (RGV), as listed on p 319 of the current edition of the Ghana guidebook, to exand and update the description: 

The full name is Rainbow Garden Village Guesthouse & Tours


+233 (0)243 230288

Email info@rainbowgardenvillage.com

Web www.rainbowgardenvillage.com

(Please note that network reception is not always available! Reservations via SMS are welcome! We reply as soon as possible!)

Description of the guesthouse: The guesthouse is directly situated upon the bank of Lake Bosumtwi and some rooms are not more than 20 metres away. The complex includes a big and cultivated tropical garden with barbecue space, restaurant with bar, a large circular thatched hut, volleyball area, ping-pong table, sun-loungers and a great landing stage with sun terrace. Every weekend and during holidays we light our Bomfire Night at the Beach, Reggae live Music included. We are currently running 9 double rooms and a dormitory. Three different room categories are available: from backpacker to exclusive style. We serve european as well as african cuisine. In addition RGV is engaged in the school system and adult education in the rural area of Lake Bosumtwi.


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