Claudia Marieb’s updates

A few suggestions  

Add to the booklist:  In My Father’s Land by Star Nyaniba Hammond. Afran Publications (Ghana), Ltd. A small book from a girl’s perspective of being a black girl raised in England, then coming “home” to Ghana at the tender age of 8.  The culture shock she felt, that finally gave way to a love of Ghana and of being Ghanaian.

Bobiri Forest Reserve

“getting there” – it’s also easy for travellers to come from Accra on the STC bus to Kumasi, but drop on Kubease on the way.  This might make this stop appealing – if people could envision it as a brief, peaceful stop on the way from Accra to Kumasi.

about bobiri guest house – the staff and food here were fantastic.  Genuine and not touristy.  Not much to do here besides walks, bu it makes a very nice quiet respite for a few nights.


I couldn’t find the Freeman Hotel on Harper Rd and the phone was busy for hours.  It also isn’t on your Kumasi map.  it would be worth investigating the details and including it on your map.

Green Turtle Lodge

when I tried the phone number in the current book, it was disconnected.  Worth checking to see if it’s current.  Don’t worry though, I showed up at the lodge anyway and it’s still wonderful (except for my tent accomodation.  don’t get me wrong, I love camping, but some sort of flea bit me so I had little red bumps – I think from the sand/bedding.



-Robert Ntakor is no lnger a guide at Kakum.  He is, however, still a guide and lives in a village near Kakum.  He’s connected with a private touring company now.  see the link:

I had the great fortune to find he was coming to Kakum with a private guest on the day I wanted to go on the canopy looking for birds, so I was able to tag along on to that tour.  I think I was very lucky and I wouldn’t count on this. 

If someone is a very keen birder and want to hire robert to come to Kakum, they could ask at reception for his home number and call him to see if he’s free. It’s possible that, if he didn’t have work at that time for ahanti african tours, he would be willing to do for a normal guide fee since he lives nearby? 

-camping at Kakum.  I camped at the campground near the headquarters.  very basic but a great experience if you want to camp in the rainforest.  There is a nice walk through the forest to the campground where there is a composting toilet, a shower, and individual platforms (not a tree platform as the book says) with roofs, a mattress, and hanging mosquito nets.  an incredible night surrounded by LOUD rainforest insect sounds, and not much sleep.  I was the only one in the campground and there was no guard/guide.  Other people might not like that, but I loved it – the opportunity to really be in that bit of nature all night.

be sure to tell people to arrive well before 3:30pm in order to get to the campsite before that part of the headquarters closes.  And, in addition to bringing your own food, I’d say be sure to either eat it all or have containers to safely store it.  I hung mine and that was no deterent for ants and critters.

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