Africana Village of Peace

I am writing with regards to the Africana Village of Peace Project in Ghana.  I am in Ghana now with Africana.  The group has some additions to the project in Accra Metropolitan area…we are also anticipating the foundation of our village of peace location in Ningo, near Pram Pram past Tema.  That will soon come.
we have a shop in the Arts Center in Accra.  A shop in The Shiashi Arts Market.  And a constistent location for African Cultural dancing near 37 in Kawokudi. 
The shop’s name is Adam’s Place, Adamfo’s Palace
The bus stop to get there is the “Arts Center” bus stop taking the Accra, Tema Station tro tro.  The shop is in the far back left corner facing the beach.  There is a pool table, local arts specializing in painting, jewlery, African Clothings, local food and drinks.   Shop #96
Questions to find the place: 011-248854373, Adams
“37 Cultural Center.”  
Location:  behind the Military Hospital.  Close to Accra Metropolitan Assemble on the Kawokudi Park.
Africana Dance Ensemble Offers regular cultural drum and dance lessons here regularly Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3-4.  From 4-6 is Africana’s training Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  The cultural center also offers a big futbal field, basketbal court, and volleyball court.
questions contact: Buju 011-(0)277639304, Nana 011-(0)277684000
Fisal’s Shop
Art Shop
The Shiashi Arts Market is near the Tetehquashie Interchange. The shop is #39.  The shop includes hand crafted woodworks and carvings and all types of art instruments (drums, flutes, maracash, etc.)
Contact Fisal: 001-(0)243852391
Thank you,
Rochelle Norwood