Turtles at Ada Foah

Thanks for including updated information in Ada Foah concerning the organized sea turtle watch program that I am helping the Ghana Wildlife Division establish to help enhance tourism to the area.  Since January, the Ghana Wildlife Division has reported more and more tourists.  In fact, this past Dec-Feb the GWD officers recorded more tourists visiting Ada Foah than ever before.  They mostly came to see the sea turtles and almost 100% of them told the GWD officers they read about the program in the Bradt Guide.  Just this past August (last month), Ada Foah broke their previous record of the most number of tourists visiting in one month (though unfortunately the sea turtles are mostly not nesting in August so most of the August visitors did not see any turtles). The community has widely accepted the sea turtle conservation and research program we have now formalized with the University of Ghana (Legon).

We will start our third year in Ada Foah this coming Dec (08) and have already been able to also attract the attention of the global sea turtle community.  My colleague at the University of Ghana and I have been able to acquire some funding to help with the program and I hope this coming December we will erect three or four billboard signs between Accra and Ada Foah to advertise the sea turtle program.  

Your readers might also want to view our updated website: http://www.hlami.org/.

Phil Allman, PhD


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